House Communities

The Neighborhood

Every medical student is sorted into House Communities for all four years at UWSMPH. Each House Community has its own Academic Career Advising Program (ACAP) mentor, with whom students can discuss academic progress, residency, and plans during medical school and beyond.

Bamforth House ACAP Mentor - Pam Ryan, MD

Bardeen House ACAP Mentor - Carol Diamond, MD

Gundersen House ACAP Mentor - Sam Lubner, MD

McPherson House ACAP Mentor - Blaise Nemeth, MD, MS

Middleton House ACAP Mentor - Christopher Hildebrand, MD

InterHouse Council (IHC)

Each House elects two officers to join the InterHouse Council (IHC). This council promotes community among the student body. Please reach out to these leaders for the House community!

Bamforth House

  • M1: Ryan Laffin, Taylor Penn

  • M2: Sahand Efketari, Holly Helein

Bardeen House

  • M1: Allie Frank, Matt Dooley

  • M2: Beyann Alzoubi, Colin Boyle

Gundersen House

  • M1: Josh Martens, Ruby Gravrok

  • M2: Mohamed Fofana, Quinn Vatland

McPherson House

  • M1: Joe Skipor, Hannah Van Steenburgh

  • M2: Calvin Lam, George Luong

Middleton House

  • M1: Todd Le, Molly Ryan

  • M2: Aria Kenarsary, Cassandra Nytes