Wellness Initiative Student Engagement (WISE)

Wellness Initiative Student Engagement (WISE)

This committee serves to promote wellbeing in the student body through initiatives both large and small. We provide weekly wellness programming, one-off event, and advocate for lasting changes within the learning environment. Please reach out to these leaders with any wellness concerns!

M1 WISE Committee Members:

  • Claudia Vilela

  • Andrea Esparza

  • Ben Johnson

  • Clara Kuranz

  • Juliette Schefelker

  • Vansh Jain

M2 WISE Committee Members:

  • Mario Giacobassi

  • George Luong

  • Lauren McKay

  • Sydney Schmidt

Wellness Website

A central location for all things related to UWSMPH student wellness. Under construction, stay tuned...

WISE Weekly Programing

The Wellness Inspired Student Enrichment (WISE) Committee offers weekly wellness programming. Fall 2020 offerings will be matched to the circumstances. Past offerings have included yoga, meditation, Dogs on Call, and wellness workshops. Stay tuned!

WISE 2020 Initiatives

The WISE committee, in collaboration with MSA, is seeking to improve access to exercise facilities for medical students. With the NAT closing for construction, this is a particularly pertinent issue. Survey data, collected by WISE from the UWSMPH student body, consistently shows students calling for closer, more convenient ways to exercise.

WISE initiatives are typically informed by the yearly student wellness survey. Additional ideas and suggestions are always welcome and can be sent to WISE leadership (giacobassi@wisc.edu).