Student Subcommittee for Curriculum Improvement (SSCI)

Student Subcommittee for Curriculum Improvement (SSCI)

This committee is responsible for management and organization of end of block evaluations and partake in post-block curricular reviews. We work with older medical students, IBLs, and Dean Chheda on curricular quality improvement based on highlights from the end of block feedback/evaluations. We also meet with the Medical Education Office a few times a semester to address any other curricular concerns/areas of improvement.

M1 SSCI Committee Members:

  • Sophie Vrba - Educational Policy and Curriculum Committee (EPCC) + Medical Student Subcommittee (MSS) Rep

  • Xing Yang - SSCI Rep

  • Andy Kosharek - SSCI Rep

  • Taylor Olsen - SSCI Rep from MSA

M2 Committee Members:

  • Grace Seibert - MSS Rep

  • Rachel Craven - MSS Rep

  • Kevin Franco Valle - EPCC Rep

  • Tori Johnson - MSS Rep from MSA

M3 Committee Members:

  • Elena Padilla - MSS Co-Chair

  • Madi Sass - MSS Co-Chair

  • Grace Shea - MSS Rep + EPCC Rep