Find a Roommate

(MSA) our commitment to help.

As your Student Government, the MSA is proud to offer a Find-a-Roomamate web service. If you have a place or are looking for a place to room with others, please check out our listings in the Sheet below. Use the Form to add your name or your place to the list.

Please keep the listing updated. When you fill out the Form the first time, you will receive an email as a 'receipt.' Edit that receipt to keep the Sheet updated automatically. 

If you would like to conclude your search, please edit the "Q1: Still looking for a room-mate? How many?" on the emailed Form receipt to zero and your information will be removed.

(Sheet) here are the listings.

UWSMPH Roommate/Apartment Finder (Responses)

(Form) put yourself on the list.

If you're actively looking right now for room-mates, put yourself on the list by submitting the Form and get word out there!