Wellness Initiative Student Engagement (WISE)

Wellness Initiative Student Engagement (WISE)

This committee serves to promote wellbeing in the student body through initiatives both large and small. We provide wellness events and advocate for lasting changes within the learning environment. Please reach out to these leaders with any wellness concerns!

M1 WISE Committee Members:

  • Natasha Ignatowski

  • Ritika Punathil

  • Akihisa Sakai

Natasha Ignatowski

Ritika Punathil

Akihisa Sakai

M2 WISE Committee Members:

  • Claudia Vilela

  • Andrea Esparza

  • Ben Johnson

  • Clara Kuranz

  • Juliette Schefelker

  • Vansh Jain

Wellness Events

The Wellness Inspired Student Enrichment (WISE) Committee offers events that are listed on the SoCal calendar. Past offerings have included yoga, meditation, Dogs on Call, a book club, and wellness workshops.

WISE 2022 Initiatives

Thanks to those who completed the 2021-2022 WISE survey. Stay tuned for new initiatives coming soon!