Phase 1 Flashcards - active learning

First Year

Phase 1 is your first encounter in medical school: the preclinical years. Here, you will learn the basic science and textbook clinical decision making that will serve well in the clinic. As the student government, MSA is providing you comprehensive UWSMPH M1 flash cards, called the Legend Anki Deck, for the first year of medical school for these blocks:

  1. Body in Balance (BIB)

  2. Food Fasting and Fitness (FFF)

  3. Human Family Tree (HFT)

The Legend Anki Deck is made by one fellow student and is of extremely high quality (cloze format, short and well-thought out, with class slide screenshots per card). They follow the UWSMPH Phase 1 curriculum of 2019-20 comprehensively on a lecture-by-lecture basis. Please thank Class of 2023 Sahand Chase Eftekari for his service to our student body with his excellent M1 deck and continually helping to improve our school environment.

As a prerequesite, you must download Anki. Make a profile (if you want to test these following decks, make test profiles before importing into your main profile.) Then you can import the following .apkg.

A note: With Anki, you can get add-ons for increased productivity, such as Hierarchical Tags (which is important for the most amazing Step 1 Deck by Anking -- which follows these top resources First Aid (THE textbook), Boards and Beyond (videos: physiology + pathobiology), and Pathoma (Dr. Sattar is a superhero: super highest yield pathobiology) -- , Frozen Fields (to create decks quickly from one slide), or Image Occlusion (for anatomy deck making). Or you can get cute add-ons like Puppy Reinforcement.

Second Year

Come fall of the following year, after your first year, you meet an even greater challenge with these blocks:

  1. Invaders and Defense (I&D)

  2. Mind and Motion (M&M)

By then, you will have hopefully gained an understanding of how you study best. The Class of 2022 had organized a communal Anki flashcard deck where 33 fellow students contributed to it, organized by Class of 2022 Natasha Dombrowski. Please thank Natasha and the Class of 2022 for their contribution! When importing these decks, make sure you make a test profile first. Furthermore, there are Class of 2021 decks (where they also uploaded HFT) uploaded below if that helps you too!