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Make our school even better

Together, the Medical Students Association strives to listen to fellow students to advocate for improvements to our school community. We serve to represent our student community with the school administration and the Wisconsin Medical Alumni Association to foster an even more vibrant atmosphere of lifelong friends and colleagues.

Phase 1 Student Leaders

  • Tori Johnson - MSA President

  • Momin Mohis - MSA Vice President

  • Confidence Kpegeol - Class of 2024 Co-President

  • Kemal Kirchmeier - Class of 2024 Co-President

  • Kevin Franco Valle - Educational Policy and Curriculum Committee (EPCC) + Medical Student Subcommittee (MSS) Rep

  • Mark Hancher - MSA Treasurer

  • Colin Hammock - AAMC Organization of Student Representatives (OSR) Rep

  • Manraj Singh Dua - MSA Webmaster

  • Carlos Torres - Health Equity Activation Team (HEAT) Rep

  • Hannah Ray - Health Equity Activation Team (HEAT) Rep

  • Liana Dawson - Equity & Diversity Rep

  • Katarina Milosavljevic - Class Rep

  • Kevin Cordeiro - Class Rep

  • Nicole Gregorich - Class Rep

  • Sam Hayes - Class Rep

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Phase 2 Student Leaders

  • Beyann Alzoubi - CALC

  • Marissa Schoepp - CALC

  • Baillie Frizell - SPC

  • Rory Bade - SPC

  • Carol Garcia - AC

  • Jonathan Le - AC

  • Jamie O’ Neill - CPC

  • Marina Adrianzen Fonseca - CPC

  • Jalin Roberson - TRIUMPH

  • Mallory Jasicki - WARM

Phase 3 Student Leaders

  • Hailey Bussan - CALC

  • Taylor-Paige Stewart - CALC

  • Elizabeth Maginot - SPC

  • Kevin Rymut - SPC

  • Rutvi Shah - AC

  • Lauren Watchmaker - AC

  • Scott Odorico - CPC

  • Colin Korlesky - CPC

  • Ben Kannenberg - TRIUMPH

  • Trevor Cooper - WARM

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

This committee serves to address concerns in the area of diversity, equity, and inclusion both among the student body and within our curriculum.

Equity & Diversity Representative

We represent your class on equity and diversity initiatives. We are involved in Equity and Diversity committee and other task forces of interest, as well as work as a liaison between MSA and Medical Students for Minority Concerns to represent a unified student voice on equity and diversity concerns.

  • M1: Liana Dawson

  • M2: Meghan Murphy-Belcaster

Health Equity Activation Team (HEAT)

Our role is to create and implement a health equity lens for the ForWard curriculum. The HEAT is responsible for evaluating the curriculum from a health equity perspective, then work with Block Leaders and administration to ensure health equity is represented appropriately in the curriculum and learning environment.

  • M1: Carlos Torres, Hannah Ray

  • M2: Jason Kim, Cassie Crifase

Medical Students for Minority Concerns

Our objective is to introduce medical students to the experiences and challenges of minority physicians, patients, and populations, advocate for a more diverse and inclusive learning environment, and build a community for minority students at UWSMPH.

  • M1: Julia Alberth, Felissa Hong

  • M2: Cat Phouybanhdyt, Jalin Roberson

Ethics Committee

This committee serves to address any ethical concerns students may have. Please send concerns to the link in the button to the right.

Benjamin Weber - M1 Ethics Committee Chair

Alex Tannenbaum - M2 Ethics Committee Chair

Form submissions or email messages to ( will only be seen by the Ethics Chair and will be de-identified before distribution to the Ethics Committee members below.

M1 Ethics Committee Members:

  • Arun Augustine - Education Outreach Officer

  • Temisan Blagogee - Education Outreach Officer

  • Henry Thompson - Ethics MSA Rep, Communications Officer

  • Sarah Thornton - Resolution Writer

  • Hailey Milakovich - Secretary

M2 Ethics Committee Members:

  • Nasser Lubega

  • Cassie Crifase

  • Claire De Forcrand De Coiselet

  • Marwat Salamin

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InterHouse Council (IHC)

Within each class year, we are sorted into Houses. Each House elects two officers to join the InterHouse Council (IHC). This council promotes community among the student body. Please reach out to these leaders for the House community!

Bamforth House

  • M1: Ryan Laffin, Taylor Penn

  • M2: Sahand Efketari, Holly Helein

Bardeen House

  • M1: Allie Frank, Matt Dooley

  • M2: Beyann Alzoubi, Colin Boyle

Gundersen House

  • M1: Josh Martens, Ruby Gravrok

  • M2: Mohamed Fofana, Quinn Vatland

McPherson House

  • M1: Joe Skipor, Hannah Van Steenburgh

  • M2: Calvin Lam, George Luong

Middleton House

  • M1: Todd Le, Molly Ryan

  • M2: Aria Kenarsary, Cassandra Nytes

Wellness Initiative Student Engagement (WISE)

This committee serves to promote wellbeing in the student body through initiatives both large and small. We provide weekly wellness programming, one-off event, and advocate for lasting changes within the learning environment. Please reach out to these leaders with any wellness concerns!

M1 WISE Committee Members:

  • Claudia Vilela

  • Andrea Esparza

  • Ben Johnson

  • Clara Kuranz

  • Juliette Schefelker

  • Vansh Jain

M2 WISE Committee Members:

  • Mario Giacobassi

  • George Luong

  • Lauren McKay

  • Sydney Schmidt

Medical Student Subcommittee (MSS)

This committee is responsible for management and organization of end of block evaluations and partake in post-block curricular reviews. We work with older medical students, IBLs, and Dean Chheda on curricular quality improvement based on highlights from the end of block feedback/evaluations. We also meet with the Medical Education Office a few times a semester to address any other curricular concerns/areas of improvement.

M1 MSS Committee Members:

  • Grace Seibert - MSS Rep

  • Rachel Craven - MSS Rep

  • Kevin Franco Valle - EPCC Rep

  • Tori Johnson - MSS Rep from MSA

M2 MSS Committee Members:

  • Elena Padilla - MSS Co-Chair

  • Madi Sass - MSS Co-Chair

  • Grace Shea - MSS Rep + EPCC Rep