Medical Student Association (MSA)

Make our school even better

Together, the Medical Students Association strives to listen to fellow students to advocate for improvements to our school community. We serve to represent our student community with the school administration and the Wisconsin Medical Alumni Association to foster an even more vibrant atmosphere of lifelong friends and colleagues.

Phase 1 Student Leaders

Sophie Vrba

MSA President, Educational Policy and Curriculum Committee (EPCC) + Medical Student Subcommittee (MSS) Rep

Thanh Phuong Nguyen

MSA Vice President, Phase 1 Class Rep

Sonam Dolma

Class of 2025 Co-President

Ayman Taher

Class of 2025 Co-President

Colin Snook

MSA Treasurer

Tyler Dorobek

AAMC Organization of Student Representatives (OSR) Rep

Rishil Mehta

MSA Webmaster

Simarpreet Kaur

Health Equity Activation Team (HEAT) Rep

Santanna Patterson

Health Equity Activation Team (HEAT) Rep

Kat Tan

Equity & Diversity Rep

Natasha Ignatowski

Wellness Initiative Student Engagement (WISE)

Ritika Punathil

Wellness Initiative Student Engagement (WISE)

Akihisa Sakai

Wellness Initiative Student Engagement (WISE)

Rodrigo De La Torre

Phase 1 Class Rep

Max Golden

Phase 1 Class Rep

Lindsey Meis

Phase 1 Class Rep

Keegan Reilly

Phase 1 Class Rep

Taylor Olsen

Phase 1 Class Rep

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Phase 2 Student Leaders

  • Eric Hess - Class of 2024 Co-President

  • Todd Le - AC-CPC-SPC-CALC Grid Representative

  • Ryan Ingebritsen - Phase 2/3 Rep

  • Arun Augustine - Phase 2/3 Rep

  • Rachel Craven - SSCI

  • Colin Hammock - AAMC Student Rep

  • Beyann Alzoubi - CALC

  • Marissa Schoepp - CALC

  • Baillie Frizell - SPC

  • Rory Bade - SPC

  • Carol Garcia - AC

  • Jonathan Le - AC

  • Anthony Robniak - CPC

  • Marina Adrianzen Fonseca - CPC

  • Jalin Roberson - TRIUMPH

  • Madeline Brown - WARM

Phase 3 Student Leaders

  • Hailey Bussan - CALC

  • Taylor-Paige Stewart - CALC

  • Elizabeth Maginot - SPC

  • Kevin Rymut - SPC

  • Rutvi Shah - AC

  • Lauren Watchmaker - AC

  • Jamie O' Neill - CPC

  • Scott Odorico - CPC

  • Colin Korlesky - CPC

  • Ben Kannenberg - TRIUMPH

  • Mallory Jasicki - WARM