WMAA Student Programs


The Wisconsin Medical Alumni Association (WMAA) is a very active force in the lives of current students, from supplying coffee and bagels during exams (and always supplying candy!), funding stethoscopes and Interest Groups, throwing job fairs and parties, to providing shadowing opportunities and scholarship support – and so much more. Avail yourself of this supportive community for students that fosters lifelong relationships, connecting our alumni with students, residents, faculty, the school, and the University.

Students are always welcome at the WMAA offices on the 4th Floor – come say hello and grab some candy!



The WMAA presents annual alumni, faculty and student awards – and annually selects recipients for WMAA student scholarships. The honors are bestowed during the spring WMAA Awards Banquet.


The Student Alumni Partnership Program (SAPP) aims to connect alumni with medical students to share information about their specialty, whether over email, a cup of coffee or a formal shadowing opportunity. The SAPP network can be found on Canvas and Oasis. Contact Hannah at hmshaw2@wisc.edu with any questions.


As a volunteer Ambassador, students have many opportunities to connect with alumni by: attending alumni events, speaking to alumni about what it’s like to be a medical student today, conducting tours, and showcasing student programs at alumni and donor events. Sign up today!


The WMAA contributes toward the health and well-being of our medical students via the SMPH wellness program, whether feeding students during exams or sponsoring House walk-a-thon competitions.


The shadow program provides students the opportunity to have unique shadowing experiences with alumni–a great way to learn about a variety of medical specialties in non-academic settings. Contact Hannah (hmshaw2@wisc.edu) for a list of shadow opportunities – or better yet, stop in her office on the 4th floor in the WMAA suite.

To participate in any of these programs and connect with UWSMPH alumni, contact Hannah (hmshaw2@wisc.edu) or Karen (kspeters@wisc.edu) to set up a time to meet.


Every first-year medical student is gifted a stethoscope during orientation week that was donated by a UW medical alumnus. Students often form lasting relationships with their stethoscope donors.


Alumni Weekend • Held in the late spring, Alumni Weekend is a wonderful opportunity for students to connect with alumni.

GraduationThe WMAA sponsors a celebration for family and friends of graduates following the program.

Homecoming • Alumni and students celebrate homecoming weekend with class reunions and a tailgate party prior to the homecoming football game.

Operation Education • In conjunction with the Wisconsin Medical Society Foundation (WMSF), the WMAA hosts an annual physician fair, providing an opportunity for students to speak with alumni about their specialty or research career paths.

Social EventsThe WMAA sponsors social events for students and alumni throughout the year including the orientation week “Badger Cookout”, ice cream socials, scholarship reception, student interest group events, and wellness & treats during exam weeks.

Unfazed: The real-life survival guide to Phase 2 • Between Phase 1 and Phase 2, the WMAA hosts ‘Unfazed’, an event for M2s to dine with UW residents and get the scoop about what to expect on the wards.

Alternative Careers in Medicine Panel • Held once every semester, the WMAA curates a panel of alumni who have left their traditional patient-centered careers and established careers outside of medicine. This webinar is a chance for students to learn about the various career paths available post-residency.


Sarah Rothschild, WMAA Executive Director, 608-263-4913

Maureen Brady, Senior Gifts Officer, 608-263-4914

Andrea Larson, Senior Alumni Relations Officer, 608-262-7335

Hannah Shaw, Alumni Relations Officer, 608-262-3845

Left to right: Hannah Shaw,  Andrea Larson, Sarah Rothschild, Maureen Brady.


To participate in any of the WMAA programs and connect with UWSMPH alumni, contact Maureen Brady or Karen Peterson to set up a time to meet. Or stop by our suite on the fourth floor of the Health Sciences Learning Center, sample some candy out of our huge candy bowl, and say hello to your WMAA staff.